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  • Please read the introduction to vinfox-cave and, if you downloaded the vinfox-cave App, its User Manual.
  • Do you have questions, suggestions or criticism regarding vinfox-cave? Do you want to report a bug? The best way to reach us is by e-mail to
  • The vinfox DB and the vinfox-cave App are developed and maintained by vinfox AG. It can be reached at

Data Import

Do you want to integrate your wine data in vinfox-cave? Do you want to manage your wine collection with vinfox-cave, but don't feel like entering all that data?

We are most likely able to help you. We import your wine data from almost any source in almost any format, be it a simple Excel-Sheet, a printout on paper, or a complete database. Send your data or a sample of it to, and we will send you a quote.

A small sample sheet which can serve as a template can be downloaded here.

Cellar Inventory

Are you living in the greater Zurich area and want your bottles or wine collection inventoried? Movart house care specializes in inventorying and entering your cellar's contents into vinfox-cave.