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About vinfox-cave

vinfox-cave is the public version of the vinfox DB, designed to integrate all kinds of wine information. Accessing it is free.

Please read the introduction to get quickly acquainted with vinfox-cave!

  • Manage your wine collection or stock via the Web or via an App on your mobile device. By the way: We import your existing data from almost any media and in any format.
  • Quickly check price and quality of hundreds of thousands of vintages.
  • Quickly access detail information about producers, wines and vintages.
  • Contribute to the growing collection of label images, and recognize with the App wines by their image.
  • Produce reports of your data in PDF format.

The vinfox-cave iOS App offers a convenient way to access vinfox-cave and manage your wine collection.

The database accessed by vinfox-cave is being constantly maintained and updated. New wines and vintages are added as they appear on the market or in the literature.